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Buy Jeans that are perfect for you. Jeanstore's style guide.

We help anyone looking to buy a pair of jeans to understand the different styles.

Ok, so we all see the words boot-cut, straight cut, loose fit, baggy, etc. whenever we buy jeans.  But who actually understands what these mean?  This article will teach you what to look for when buying a pair of jeans.

Buy Bootcut Jeans
The Boot-cut
The Boot-cut style of jeans tapers in from the knee down, and then loosens from the ankle onwards to allow a boot to be worn underneath it.  Even though boot-cut jeans do loosen around the ankle, don't get them confused with flares or bell-bottoms, which flare out far more.  This style goes brilliant with a pair of Dr Martens, although today boot-cut jeans don't necessarily have to be worn with boots.  As boot-cut jeans aren't too loose or tight they're suitable for all body types.

Buy Straight Cut Jeans

Straight Cut

If you're looking to buy a versatile pair of jeans for many occasions then a straight cut is what you need, whatever your body type.  These jeans arent too tight or too loose, and are consistent all the way down the leg.  A straight cut is the trademark of a classic pair of jeans. 

Buy Skinny Fit Jeans

Skinny Cut
A skinny cut is a style that men need to be more careful with.  These jeans are very tight fitting, so avoid them if you're an average-to-heavy body type.  However, this cut is becoming popular among slimmer men looking to buy jeans and make a fashion statement.  So with the right body type and a classic pair of shoes, such as converse all stars, skinny jeans can look very cool.

Buy Slim Fit Jeans

Slim Fit
Slim fit jeans are similar to the skinny cut, but less extreme.  They won't cling to the leg as tightly as skinny jeans, but still taper in the same way.  This makes a brilliant compromise between fashionable and conservative, as well as being suitable for the larger body type that wouldn't normally suit a skinny cut.

Buy Carrot Fit Jeans

Carrot Fit
Carrot fit jeans have a smilar cut to slim fit, but instead of being consistently slim, they get slimmer as they go down.  At the thigh, carrot fit jeans are slightly looser than the slim fit cut, and taper down to the ankle, where they are the a similar tightness to skinny jeans.

Buy Loose Fit Jeans

Loose/Relaxed Cut
Loose fit jeans are great for the larger body type, looking to buy a pair of jeans that won't accenuate their shape.  A relaxed cut should probably be avoided if you're slimmer than average, as they can tend to lose all shape on skinny legs. 


Low Rise
Low rise jeans sit a couple of inches below the belly button, suiting somebody with a slim body type.  They should also be worn with a long enough shirt to cover the midriff.

Medium Rise
This is the best choice if you're unsure of the rise when you're looking to buy jeans.  Not too high, not too low, and they won't look out of place on any body type.

Best worn by the larger body types who don't want their curves highlighted, this rise will cover a lot of the waist.  Slimmer body types should be careful with this style, as they can look out of place on a slimmer waist.

We hope you found our style guide useful.  Now you know what to look out for when you buy jeans, why not take a look at our mens jeans or ladies jeans?

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