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Levis 501 Jeans

Quite simply, the ultimate pair of jeans..

Levis 501 jeans are responsible for the popularity of jeans today. By mixing durability, confort, and style, Levis 501's took jeans from the blue collar workplace and placed them at the centre of fashion. See more.

The story of this brand goes back a long way. In 1872 Levis 501 jeans were created to provide mine workers with strong garments. The jeans were a revelation with blue collar workers, impressed by how strong and comfortable they were compared with any previous garments. Over the years, with celebrities such as Elvis Presley and James Dean wearing Levis 501 jeans, the brand become famous as a symbol of America, spreading around the world and entering the jeans into everyday society.

Today, Levis 501 jeans have become the world's most successful manufactured clothing article. We have a fantastic range of regular fit styles here at Jeans store, so if you're looking to buy some jeans, why not take a look at our Levis 501 collection and become part of this global phenomenon.

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