Behind the Scenes at Jean Store

As one of the UK's most successful denim, fashion and footwear retailers we would like to thank you all for keeping us so busy! Our dedicated team work hard every day to process your orders accurately and to ensure that they are delivered to you quickly. We have three stores to manage into the bargain and so you can imagine how challenging it can be to run an efficient ship. You may also be wondering how we keep track of all those jeans with so many size and colour options! We thought it would be fun to take you behind the scenes at Jean Store for a closer look at how we handle your orders.

The Denim Dilemma

We love our work and who wouldn't want to spend their lives surrounded by the coolest jeans on the planet? However, selling jeans is not without its complications. Most styles are available in many different sizes and some in different colours. Multiply those choices by the 2,000 and more products that we currently bring you online and you can see our problem! We have been trading since 1969 and over the years we have consistently grown the number of styles that we stock. It was inevitable that we would reach the point where we needed more than our brilliant mathematical minds to cope! Happily we found the perfect solution.

Intelligent Retail Review

All businesses need to review how to move forward now and again, for us it was looking at the technology we used. We decided to review the Intelligent Retail Connect system.

The way forward for us was via an EPoS (electronic point of sale) system. Here electronic tills and specialist software enable retailers like Jean Store to process orders from multiple stores and online platforms and to effectively manage their stock. We looked around at the available systems and Intelligent Retail's Connect system was clearly the best option for us. With its innovative architecture and award winning functionality, Connect premium EPoS was just what we needed to help us meet the challenges we were facing as our growth continued.

Now, when you place an order, the Connect system ensures that our stock inventory is adjusted immediately so there is no danger of us selling the piece you want elsewhere. Connect also helps us to understand what you like best so we can continue to offer the things that you really want and also to contact you with exciting news about new products that we know you will love. Our versatile eCommerce website from Intelligent Retail enables us to offer you all of the available sizes and colours for your favourite jeans thus giving you the best possible choice. Our esteemed leader, Ross Holmes, recently commented,

"The majority of products we offer have many variants, some up to 50! We could not have coped with the breath of stock that we currently hold without Connect. Accounting for these variants and uploading the stock would have been too time consuming and we could not have been so efficient in handling orders from the website."

"The Intelligent retail tills, Connect system and help desk offered all of the functionality we could hope for and the support we needed at a very reasonable price"

Connect is a reliable, user friendly platform for retailers like Jean Store. The system integrates all of our selling channels into one central hub making our operation highly streamlined. We benefit from a central stock control system, product management and unified fulfilment processes. Connect features a sophisticated smart client platform which gives us reliable data and communications. The sophisticated reporting function offers invaluable information and delivers it quickly via the Connect Head Office Cloud Server.

Connect from Intelligent Retail has enabled us to offer you more choice and to handle your orders with greater efficiency. It will also give us the opportunity to bring you even more fabulous fashions in the future. The good news from our point of view is that the system has proved to be easy to learn and use. All of our team, even the most technologically challenged (that would be me!) have enjoyed using Connect and the system is backed by first class customer support with any problems being solved quickly by remote connection. The functionality of Connect is constantly evolving and so we look forward to an even brighter future. As Ross Holmes said,

"Without Connect managing our affairs across 3 shops and our website would have been a nightmare"

Instead we are living the dream and very much enjoying the adventure of serving you, our valued customers.

Customer Testimonials

A great shopping experience overall - great product, quick delivery and an unbeatable price. Thanks very much! Current season product at the best prices, can't complain! A+ I shop regularly at Jean Store & they always delivery. Top, top prices and fast delivery. Definitely recommend! Many thanks Jean Store, impressive service! Best shop on the web! Great range of products all at reduced prices compared to the high street. Thanks!